The Full Story


I am a happily married mother of eight. have been with my high school sweetheart since 17. I have a degree in social work, culinary arts, and a diploma in skin care formulation. Once Apon a time i went to school to become a nurse so have a minor in health sciences as well. I am an avid skin care junkie. As a woman of color, i suffer from hyper pigmentation. I have spent thousands at clinics and on prescription creams. I have found that the active ingredients prescribed, are also sold over the counter separately. I am so pumped that I can make products to help even out our skin and add that youthful supple and bright look once again. I have spent years making planners and sewing away...but am truly passionate about skin care. Thank you for taking the time to support my handmade small business!


To help women feel empowered and able to transform their skin


To formulate products with active ingredients while keeping the vibey aesthetic of bomb packaging