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Want an easy way to update your exterior?

Painting your front and garage door a deep moody color instantly modernizes the exterior. Such a simple hack. I watched an episode of Bob Villa's home again. The guy on the show said its super simply. Simply wash the garage door, then paint with an exterior latex paint. I like satin or egg shell to achieve a more matte appearance. I used a combo of true black mixed with iron ore. I felt that the iron ore was a bit too navy gray so i added 50% true black to the mix.

Do you think it made a difference?

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Also, I was in the dollar tree the other day. They have these kits which i never noticed before. For $1.25. Kit comes with a tray, roller brush, glove, and paint brush! Perfect for touching up the paint around your home to help keep your space looking fresh without the mess of getting out and washing all of the paint supplies.

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