This balm is whipped to perfection. It an aerated balm , all ingredients come from Africa. It has avocado butter, shea butter, and jojoba oil.
tiny amount of liquid germal plus to act as a preservative. My undergrad is in health sciences, my major is social work, but remember taking microbiology and want to ward off bacteria at all costs 

i use it to remove makeup, as a face primer, as a face cream, also to help soothe my daughter's dry elbow. 

I have inserted a photo of me wearing the balm as a face cream, plus glass skin. I have a little blush, and eye brow pencil but no face products except the ones i formulate.. I am 45 years old and have eight children. 

Products I formulate has helped brighten my patchy skin
1. bright elixir silk
3. glass skin
4. go to balm

Go To Balm

  • Use daily/ nightly.

    perfect for all over your body, even on lips. Can also be used to buffer stron skin care gels/ creams