1. G+A Serum   
            10%  glycolic acid- -AHA- helps with the peeling effect helps skin look and feel smoother

            4% azaleic acid- Inhibits the enzyme tyrosinase that leads to hyperpigmentation
             Distilled water/ hyaluronic acid/phenoxyethanol


2. Lactic Acid Serum
           10% lactic acid- AHA- helps with cell turnover  and gives an appearance of fewer fine lines nad wrinkles
                  Distilled water/ hyaluronic acid/phenoxyethanol

3. K+T Serum
            5% Kojic Acid- Rice enzyme that heps lighten hyperpigmentation
            5%  Tranexamic Acid- Inhibits   melanin
                  Distilled water/ hyaluronic acid/phenoxyethanol

 4. Salicylic Acid in water cream
           2% Salicylic Helps the skin to shed dead skin cells and helps dissolve debris
                Distilled water, plum oil, argan oil, shea butter, salicylic acid, phenoxyethanol

I recommend layering the products or using  G+A serum two days a week, lactic acid serum another two days, the K+T serum at night ( or on the other 2 dasy) , and the cream any time night or day

Intense AHA and discoloration Kit plus SA Cream