This lightweight gel serum is perfect for layering under your cream or moisturizer. Has three powerful yet gentle active ingredients tranaxemic acid, niacinimide, Kogic acid, hyaluronic acid for plumping in a distilled water base.


I love it!




Distilled water
Tranaxemic acid 4%
Niacinimide 4%
Kogic acid 4%
Hyaluronic acid

How to use: Apply two pumps on face morning or night under moisturizer it's a perfect gel serum lightweight brightens super active ingredients

TKN Serum Gel. Tranaxemic acid. Niacinimide. Kojic Acid

  • Tranaxemic acid, niacinimide, kojic acid

  • Apply daily nad nightly under cream. Light weight gel serum. Research has shown that active ingredients in gel formjulations  penetrate better than creams