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Fog Wax Leather


Natural Patina

This style was a year in the making. Where does the idea of wabi sabi come from?
The Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-sabi is based on the idea of beauty of imperfection. This old complicated concept comes from Zen Buddhism thus sharing its characteristics like austerity and communication with nature.

Planner has a lined back wallet pocket and card slot pockets.
The planners are made from Fog wax leather and gets a natural patina over time.

Available in a5 or pocket xl. 

pocket xl comes with rings inserted.

A5 can hold a half letter disc bound planner, or a5 inserts, or an a5 journal

please select your a5 plain, rings on the side, or rings inserted

Wabi Sabi Planner. Plain, Rings, or Strings

  • This fog wax leather was chosen for its ability to natural patina.

    pocket xl has 30 mm gold rings

    the A5 size can have rings or be used for a half letter disck bound system

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