I have used Shea Butter, coconut oil which offer a natural SPF protection of about 10% and I have paired it with 15% zinc oxide base 

As we age, and the environmental rays age us. It's a must for all ages to incorporate zinc in our self-care routine. 

Zinc oxide may also have benefits for anti-aging. As mentioned, it helps to prevent water loss from the skin, which is important to aging skin. As we age, the skin slowly reduces the natural oils that it produces, reducing the skin’s ability to trap moisture in the skin.

I use all natural ingredients:
aloe vera juice
zinc oxide
coconut oil
shea butter



the stick contains

plum oil

argan oil

shea butter

zinc oxide


Zinky Baby. Vegan , phosphate, paraben and cruelty free face sun cream

  • 30 ml, 100 ml, or combo set perfect for travela nd home -130 ml